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Book coverBuilding Library 3.0: Issues in Creating a Culture of Participation

Woody Evans, Tarrant County College, USA

- a primer for Library 2.0, and concrete steps available to libraries seeking to catch up to their web-savvy patrons
- detailed and critical examinations of social networking sites, and their potential for libraries outreach
- studies the actions librarians can take right now to prepare for the ‘border-bleeding’ between physical and virtual collections
- prepares libraries to use Web 2.0 tools as an incubator for increasing library relevancy in a Web 3.0 world

This book is written for information professionals and librarians trying to implement and manage Web 2.0 in their physical and online collections. Paying careful attention to the implementation of social web applications, mobile computing, and RFID and QR Code technology, the book details both how to make these technologies work for libraries and also explores why libraries must gain ground in the important new territories of Web 2.0. The changing relationships between information seekers, the information being sought, and the professional information gatekeepers is of great importance in this change, and this book explains not just the use of the technology to reach information seeking communities, but also the profound ways in which such relationships will change the nature of librarianship.

ISBN 1 84334 497 1
ISBN-13: 978 1 84334 497 1
July 2009
210 pages 234 x 156mm paperback
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About the author

Woody Evans is a librarian at Tarrant County College in Arlington, Texas. As a librarian and private researcher, he has worked for military, corporate, and academic organizations. He has written for American Libraries, Library Journal, Searcher, ONLINE, Information Today, and others. His current research interests include the cultural aspects of information seeking and evaluation. Contact him through

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Library 2.0: the fundamentals
- What is Web 2.0 for?
- Blogs: flagship of the social web
- Web 2.0 in the Library
- The dawn of the semantic web

New library users
- Bald babies, gray grannies
- Bricks to bits
- Hackers are old hat


Folksonomic exchanges: authority of the people
- Taking care with tags
- Getting back out of the box

Social networking: making it work
- Preening your feathers and picking your ticks
- Social networking, suddenly serious
- Good practice: how to
- Two samples: libraries doing it right
- Detailing Facebook
- Your library, its network
- How to set it up
- How to use it at the reference desk

Mobile life and QR Code
- People using their phones
- Quick Code
- A push to patrons’ phones

Second Life and other massively multi-user environments
- Other MMORPGs
- Games and their worlds
- Second Life Library
- Librarians as virtual escorts
- Learn French

Arphids: promise and dangers
- Smart tags on smart books
- Hacking, playing, and phreaking out: is this real-world or exercise? Over?
- A speculative near-future scenario
- Back to the real world


Fundamentally good service
- This is for the public good, Mofo
- We help people
- We work with information
- We teach

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