Wednesday, July 15, 2009

after 2.0 comes 3.0 if we get 2.0 right

Heavy D was at this Farkas talk in Chicago -- wish I coulda been too -- but he sent the slides link:

Very relevant stuff -- and the kinds of issues I sink down into and get real nasty with in the book. There are ways to do 2.0 sloppy and bad. Meredith is exactly right on to raise these questions.

You are now invited to do 2.0 brilliantly*.

Weather: the 'weather' has been burned from the face of Texas. There is no more weather. There is only breezeless heat.
Listening: "Summertime Clothes", Animal Collective
Reading: Kallistos Ware and J.K. Rowling

*Because if we don't get this right, the reality of semantic search will eat our lunch finally and completely. Sorta. Well, more details in book of course...

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