Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a blog to follow

Looks like András Molnár is thinking about these 3.0 issues too... he's blogging about RFID / arphids, microblogging, & geolocative matters from a library / information science angle.

Good stuff there!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wolfram alpha epistemological note

Alpha is live now.  I've written about it for InfoToday (link), and though my piece there spins a bit on the issue of epistemology, at the end of the day Alpha is a dern good reference and computational tool.  That's what it's meant for, after all.  And its quality will improve (see link to help it grow/improve).

The 'bigger' questions about knowingness and truthiness, etc. are (though important in the grand scheme!) unfairly localized on this engine.  It doesn't claim to get its users to Truth, you know.  I guess it's understandable that we web searchers drift to such questions when faced with such a fantastic machine.  

Reminds me of a line V. Rev. Dr. Hegwood once used about ninjas... "they must exist because they're not online..."

So, Alpha came a bit too late to make it into the book (I did manage to pop off a mention in a late revision, but that was still before Alpha was live), but it does help my main case.  Wolfram Alpha is one of the early popular semantic search tools.

They'll start coming out quicker now.

u.s.a amazon ready

Here's the main Amazon site for ordering the book.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2.0 into 3.0

How do we transition from 2.0 into 3.0?
The main thrust of my book deals with how we do this from the service side.  To go a step deeper, I think it useful to reflect on projects where COIs are starting to edge out into schema use.

Look at STAR-TIDES for a start.