Monday, December 1, 2014

be researchers

Shifting language from 'reference librarian' and 'reference services' to 'research'. Research services. Be a 'researcher' -- someone who does research, who participates and publishes, and someone who teaches others how to use info sources (in any medium) to do their own research.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

on twitter

A mate of mine is in deep for Twitter. Sometimes it seems he kind of believes in it as a semi-salvific force. I came closest to his position at the height of the protests in Iran last year, when twitter was one of the few media by which folks in could communicate with us out.

But Woody don't twitter. I tried it for a while, but soon found that I felt like a dog being wagged by its tail. Libraries were starting to twitter big in the Spring and Summer, as I was finishing up the book... but I just never took twitter seriously enough to give it serious discussion in Bldg3.0.

Ironically, when I started writing it in 2007, MySpace was still a big deal. Since it had been one of the hottest flashpoints of my professional life (and it came to be something of a symbol for what I thought we could try to do to reach out), I spend some time on it in the book, along with Facebook. Facebook's star continues to rise, but MySpace is understood to be something of an online trailerpark. Too bad. And since I've lived in trailerparks, I still kind of feel soft-n-warm toward MySpace culture.

The lessons and principles apply to other 2.0 venues.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

review in Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France

Joachim Schopfel says nice things about Building Library 3.0 (in French!) at BBF. Maybe I'm less in line with le modèle anglo-saxon and closer to something à la française than I thought... (despite picking on "French anglophobia" in an appendix of the book...).  Thanks Joachim!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

QR book to Web application: live

QR Library application -- this is very homemade, very "beta" -- actually very "delta".

I've described it before: QR code slapped on a book, a patron uses their phone to snap a pic, QR pic takes them to whatever online resource you want them to see.

Here's an example:
Imagine you've just picked up this book in the library, "Chess and the Art of Negotiation", and noticed a QR barcode on it.

You use your gizmo (to which you have already loaded Semacode or Kaywa, etc.) to load the barcode and are taken here:

Hosted resources -- online forums, chess resources, similar books, available e-books, etc. etc. Plus a place for patron comments, so they can add resources you hadn't yet found/ thought of / or approved.

This is a "proof of concept". Sorry I can't give the direct URL yet. Hope you'll work up something like this on your own.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

notes from web trawling, 18 Aug

Web 3.0 Primer at Material World LA
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... as well as other Web resources such as Zoho, EverNote and will be the subject of a Web 3.0 workshop to be presented from 3 to 6 pm on Sept. ...
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SEO meet up and its Future Potential

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And there are already talks of Web 3.0 in the pipeline. The future is semantic indexing and collaborative development. A good SEO should have the ...
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'New Moon' Trailer Tease Goes Interactive! - USA
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Been there, bought the anti-capitalist T-shirt - London,UK
The open source movement is a clear example. Sharing (web 2.0) and becoming one (web 3.0) will be the new owning. We Are Numbers fits in perfectly.
New ad tool can read your mind AND predict the future (sort of)
Revolution Magazine - UK
LONDON - OpenAmplify, the web 3.0 company, has launched technology that allows online advertisers to 'read the minds' of social networkers to predict if ...
GoIP Global, Inc. (GOIG) China Merger Update
FOXBusiness - USA
In addition, this company also creates and operates a cluster of web portals based on emerging Web2.0 and Web 3.0 frameworks to target global ethnical ...
Micro Focus Australian appointments
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... service its customers “at a time when the IT industry is pushing barrows full of new and distracting concepts – Green, Cloud, Web 3.0, to name a few. ...

Micro Focus Appoints New Account Directors In Australia

PRWire (press release) - Sydney,NSW,Australia
“A succession of Y2K, ERP, Web and legacy modernisation projects over the ... full of new and distracting concepts – Green, Cloud, Web 3.0, to name a few. ...
Symblogogy: Bud-A-Bing - Befriend Microsoft's New Search Platform
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What is the Web 3.0? « PI Library Blog
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WordPress Design | OS X Optimizations | Web 3.0
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Web 3.0 Installing the Plumbing ISN
A set of behind-the-scenes technologies strives for real-time, automated intelligence gathering and analysis and could change the way we share information ...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

just good history on the social development on the web

Here's a really good presentation on webs 1-3 by Sabin Buraga: