Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wearable web 3 & 4

Following on from last post's comment on gendering of the Web... it occurs to me that the Web won't be or can't be successfully gendered by in the way I suggested. Just because feminine terms out-rank masculine terms, etc. Bibliometric brute force won't make the Web pink nor blue. Many reasons for this (maybe more on the subject later), but the main idea is that since we can't 'gender' the Web, it remains for the Web to increasingly disrupt basic identity categories of us... that is, the tabs that we use to build up identity (gender, race or ethnicity, languages, others) will be subverted and (forgive the term) fractalized by the Web's presence in/on our bodies. There's something important here about the body really becoming a proving ground now for Haraway's feminist cyborgs, but I haven't thought it through yet...

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