Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wearable web 2

Some not yet fully connected thoughts about this:

Localization of the Web in the body is... well, it mashes up 'global and local' (in the Zygmunt Bauman type sense, and in just the general 'common sense' sense). Localizes the whole. Gives the whole a seat at the head of the table in your own head.

The app / invention in this video flips the QR Code vector for virtual/physical book hybrids I promote in the book and more or less obviates any previous "flat" phone apps like Kaywa and Semacode... Or does it just increase the reach and use of QR Code? Not sure yet.

If the Web is becoming part of the body, might we have to begin asking things about it that help to code or identify it in terms of other body categories.... thinking of gender, health, ethnicity... Can we begin to talk of a "feminine" or "masculine" web if we look at the total of all the terms and descriptors for all "objects" online and say that on balance there is more of shift toward this or that gender? Can we talk about the web as medicine, if the info we access on/in/through the body gets us the info that helps to treat illness?

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