Friday, July 24, 2009

bldg 3 pew

Databytes has:

A recent Pew study shows how Americans are currently using their mobile technologies, the study shows people are using these technologies and gadgets to:

  • collaborate with others and share content
  • connect with others and share content
  • for entertainment purposes
  • are dedicated wireless access users and like the convenience of information as you go
  • perform lite informational search requests
Right now, according to this study, 42 % of the population has not fully embraced this technology, so the question we should all be asking ourselves is "How are we servicing the 58% percent that are?"

do believe I quote from that same study in the book... very good stuff from Pew. It sets us up to re-imagine libraries post-2.0, after communities-of-interest agreen on folksonomic standards, after everybody's got their social media map well worked out...

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